Kamis, 22 September 2016

What People Said About Bali?

Every years bali has been seen by thousand of tourist from all over the earth, mainly from japan, United States, and Europe. And retain increasing every year.Paket Wisata According to goverments remarks, in 2001 until 2005 there were three millions and four hundred traveler have come to Bali for holidays and in 2006 until 2009 become four millions and seven hundred vacationary. It is such a good news for all of the ~keyword1~, particulary who incharge at tourism industries.

Maybe some people be unsure why Bali become so well known and georgeus , maybe a lot people wish to know what is the hidden behind the fascinating divine temple, what is the secret behind the stunning sunset, and what is the truthfully recipe of the delicious grilled fish.

<i><u>There are some points of those concerns.</u></i>

First. Balinese folks are friendly citizen, probably the friendliest people in the society, when you meet Balinese people, although at the first time, they will always put smile on their face and salute you from the mind.

Second. Balinese people are easy going, Balinese people are not sort of difficult people, no stresses, times is not always money, as long as you are polite and respect each other, you will never find a complicated difficulty throughout your ~keyword2~

Third, Balinese people are friendly Where ever and when ever you are, if you ask for a help politely, Balinese people will do it for you as much as they can although without any reward. For example, if you get misplaced on the way to find your destinations, just ask them, they will try to give you the correct solutions, if they can not speak English, they will struggle to give you the best informations trough by means of with their own way, it will be your treasured experience remembering their way how to make you convince. But anyway don't worry because 70 percent of Balinese people able to speak English

Fourth, Balinese people are sincere, we are confident that nowadays honesty is hard to find in this humanity and we are also judge that not all of the Balinese people are honest, but according to all comments from the visitors in any community medias such as travel magazines, Google, facebook or twitter, ninety percent of them said Balinese people are honest, based on their understanding during stay in Bali, one of them said they left their hand bag in the taxi cab, they were so dread and upset because all of their travel credentials and also money were in their bag, but happily in about ten minutes the taxi driver came back to the hotel and give them back. Of course they were so happy and thank the driver by giving him some tip. Another visitor said while they are left all of their money and jewelries on the bench of hotel room, but the room boy cleans the table and put all the money and jewelries back tidely

Fifth, Balinese people trust in Karma. Ninety percent of Balinese are Hindu, an worn religion comes from India but they suit the ~keyword3~ into their local traditions, one of the main thought is believe in Karma, " what we give is what we get"

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